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Day 20 – Sydney

 G'Day Mate How You Going? 


 Today we docked at our final destination, Sydney. It hasn’t changed much since I was here in 1968 except the R & R hotel I stayed in “The Rex” is now a condominium and the area I stayed in “Kings Cross” is a red light district. Australia legalized prostitution in 1979, who would have thought. Other than that everything is pretty much the same except a lot larger. We had lunch at beautiful Bondi Beach and are staying on the 33rd floor of the Amora Hotel; the view is spectacular. We really start touring the area tomorrow starting with a tour of the opera house followed by a luncheon cruise in the harbor. It is great being back in the land of fast Internet!

“Some experiences simply do not translate. You have to go to know.” -  Kobi Yamada



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