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你好(Ni hao) Pronounced Nee how, – (Chinese for Hello)


             We are in Shanghai China, I’m not sure I thought I would ever say that. Our driver was at the arrivals hall with a sign with our names on it and now we are finally in our hotel room 24hours after leaving home. The new Delta flatbed seats are fabulous, that is the best I have ever slept on an international flight. The only down side is that even though our seats were side by side, each one is so private that we couldn’t see each other or talk during the flight. That actually might be an upside for some couples, anyway we will be together 24/7 for the next three weeks so a little personal time wasn’t too bad.

            Shanghai is the largest city by population in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the largest city proper by population in the world It is one of the four province-level municipalities of the PRC, with a total population of over 23 million as of 2010. Shanghai as compared to New York City which is number 19 in the world in population. It is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. It is a major financial center and the busiest container port in the world. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in eastern China, Shanghai sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River in the middle portion of the Chinese coast. The municipality borders Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces to the west, and is bounded to the east by the East China Sea.

     Well this hotel is supposedly a five star hotel, but if there is a number higher, this place should have one. It is a city in itself and we haven’t even started to explore it as yet. When you drive into the hotel, you actually drive into the building and the lobby is so grand you have to have a guide to show you where to check in.  I do know it has over 10 restaurants and bars so should be able to find ourselves a snack for tonight.  They are so polite here and every corner of the hotel has someone else to help you find your way. Our country could use a little of this courtesy.

   For anyone who has ever traveled with Tom and I, you know we are already having our normal travel discussion on finding me more water.  Not to worry, I persevered and have more water now, so we can begin the trip.  Life is good, Tom has his computer up and running plus free internet and I have water. Speaking of water, our hotel room is so luxurious and the bathroom is out of a magazine, it will be hard to remember not to brush our teeth with the water from the sink. Also no letting any water in one’s mouth while taking a shower. Other than that, this room is amazing. Tomorrow we should be posting pictures on under the China tab Day 2.


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Confucius say: Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

再见 (Zaijian) Pronounced Zai chin – (Chinese for Good – bye)

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