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Day 2 March 4, 2015 – Barbados


Well yesterday we gave our car to a Spanish Speaking Valet at the Miami Airport Sheraton where we spent the night. We were previously told we could leave the car at the Sheraton until we returned to Miami on March 12 for a minimum charge compared to the airports $20 per day. The valet seemed to agree and understand but was very concerned if we wanted access to the car again before we left on our flight. The more we think about it we are starting to get concerned that out car is being used as an Uber Taxi in Miami until our return. I guess we will know if the car happens to acquire an additional 50,000 miles while parked at the Sheraton during our trip.


Miami Airport check-in and security was easy, actually easier to get through security than Orlando. Three hour flight to Barbados was uneventful and had no trouble finding a cab to the Hilton and negotiating a reasonable rate. Our Cab driver was 63, born and raised in Barbados and loved giving us a tour on the way to the Hilton. We are on the 7th floor overlooking the ocean and the view is stunning. Attached is a photo shot from our room’s balcony. One US dollar equals two Barbados Dollars so we were shocked when we found out a glass of wine cost $22 until you divide it by 2 to find out the real price in US. Tonight we are heading out for Lobster and tomorrow boarding the Sea Cloud. We met a couple on our flight from Vermont that will be on the ship with us. They came in a day early because they were concerned with the weather. Thousands of flights have been cancelled this year due to ice and snow in the Northeast and the Sea Cloud would sail tomorrow night with or without them.




“As you grow older, you’ll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.”  – Zachary Scott




More to tomorrow from the Sea Cloud,




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