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Subject: Day 22, March 12 – Carcass Island, Falkland Islands


      Well, no more email from the ship, so you will receive this after we have already returned home.  I am writing this mostly for our own journal. It seems a monumental task to sort out all of the video and photos we have taken. Right now I am thinking maybe three or four different DVD’s and even different photo albums – one of our personal trip, one of all of the animals, and one of the rock formations and ice bergs. Of course, I think the rock and ice each deserve their own too. Anyway it will be quite the endeavor.

     This morning was Carcass Island and Mick was supposed to lead the hikers, Hannah was to stroll along the beach and then other passengers could just go to the house. The family provided us with tea and cakes. One way they make their money is by charging cruise ships an anchorage fee. The family has lived there for 35 years. They home schooled their four children until they were nine and then they would fly them to Stanley and stay during the week and then fly home to the island for the weekend. A plane, weather depending, lands twice a day. They can house up to 35 visitors. You can either eat with the family or completely do your own thing. The island is so large that it is possible to commune with nature and not see any of the other people on the island. Hannah’s walk did not turn out to be a stroll because she couldn’t see any wildlife so up the hill we went. The only difference between us and Mick’s group was we followed a “sort of ” trail from their huge land rover that they use to get around the island. Certainly a different way of life.

     One thing for sure, we have conquered “zodiac 101.”

Tom & Holly