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 Day 4 – Boarding Day


    Yesterday we drove two hours from Spokane to Lewiston, Idaho to meet our ship. The interesting thing was as soon as we were out of Spokane the Palouse area came into view. So different from the National Forest we drove through the day before. We learned this is an area created by the volcanos then rubbed by glaciers and floods leaving a very fine layer of dirt.  From above it looks like giant sand dunes because it was formed much the same way. Wheat happens to love this area and requires very little care once planted. Most of the moisture it needs comes from the high elevation.  It reaps almost 100 bushels an acre, much more than the Midwest can produce. Of course, the harvest is worthless unless there is a market. That is where the Snake and Columbia River come into play. The wheat is shipped by barges down the river to the mouth of the river and then shipped to China and Japan.

    What all of this means, is no internet, cell phone or any other means of communication is possible in this area. Hard to believe that in this day and age, it is possible to be unconnected. There are areas along the river where internet is not available so if you don’t get an e-mail that is why. This morning we are going to Pendleton, Oregon for a tour.



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