Tom & Holly Travels
since 2004

During the morning we traveled north to Santa Catalina Island. It is what they call an endemic island because all the species of flora and fauna are unique especially to this island. We saw the huge cardon cactus. They can live up to 500 years. They are quite amazing in how they have adapted themselves to the Sonora Dessert conditions. We didn’t have to worry about critters because the largest animal on the island is a mouse. We saw several lizards and lots of pretty birds. We did however have to watch for thorns from the different types of cacti. The rule was to never back up when looking at something. Of course, I didn’t have any trouble with the rule, but you know Tom and he has some thorn bruises on his arm. Nothing series but I think it is so Tom. They offered snorkeling but Tom and I opted out. The water was 64 degrees and the viz was rather poor. People who went said they didn’t see much anyway so good choice. Tom chose the three hour walk and I went on the “moderate” paced hike. My choice was good for me and I learned more about cactus than I thought possible.

Today we are off to look at sea lions and blue footed boobies. That is a bird I have never seen before so happy to see them. We are anchored near a rock formation that is really cool. The island is called Isla Espiritu Santo. It is made from volcanic ash and lava and is decorated with bird guano. It is very interesting. On the zodiac we saw lots and lots of sea lions, brown pelicans, and yellow footed gulls. I made a comment that I really wanted to see the boobies because we have gulls everywhere. I was told loud and clear – “Not the yellow footed gulls.” Ok, so maybe I have to look closer at our gulls. Unfortunately, we only have two photos of boobies, so guess I will have to come back someday. Tonight we are doing a BBQ on the beach. I now have 200 pictures of the backs of Blue Whales, 200 pictures of Cactus and 200 pictures of Sea Lions and Bird Guano. This definitely doesn’t have the Africa Photo Ops.

Seek and you will find. Don’t be willing to accept an ordinary life.Salle Merrill Redfield