Tom & Holly Travels
since 2004

Yesterday, we traveled uneventfully from Los Angeles to La Paz, Mexico. They told us the airport was small. However, it was like Atlanta compared to Africa. We were met and taken to a folk lore show put on by a private high school. Most of the students in this school are proud to say that the students go on to universities. The type of dance performed is used in local competitions and this school can brag that they are leaders. They gave us a variety of tacos but Tom and I chose not to give it a try. Didn’t want to start out ill, but we did enjoy the Mexican Beer and wine. After all as we drove through La Paz there is no doubt that this is definitely a third world country and we better be careful with the food.

Then we boarded the “Sea Bird.” She is very nice but very small. Tom says we have gone from a luxurious suite on the Princendam, back to our first cruise where we had to step outside our room to change our minds. We did find places to unpack but it was quite a challenge. Plus when you turn out the lights, it is dark, very dark.

We woke this morning at 6:50 am to a PA announcement that there were Blue Whales off the bow. Only one out of three to four cruises get to see them. They are in this area, but sightings are rare. So we must be off to a good start. Blue Whales are the largest mammals living today, but are also the largest animal that has ever lived. They are bigger than any of the dinosaurs. Very impressive that we got to see one and they are very blue.

We then had our “abandoned ship” drill, plus how snorkel and kayak. Then it was time to try on the wet suits that the ship provides. I think we are ready to go. This afternoon, we will have snorkeling and several different walking trips available. Tom is going for the three hour walk. I am going to try for one of the other offerings. No great pictures to post yet, I got a lot of pictures of the backs of Blue Whales protruding from the water but no flutes, I guess that opportunity waits for another day..

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