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Day 15 –Third Sea Day

 G'Day Mate How You Going?


             Yesterday was another sea day with the winds dying down and the seas turning glassy. We were able to walk laps on the Promenade Deck without getting blown away. Three laps around the deck equal a mile so we were finally able to walk off some of the great food we have been eating all day, every day. We only had two days of rough seas and what we had we understand was pretty calm for the Tasman Sea. Today we dock at our first port in Australia. The pilot got on at 3 this morning and we will be docking in Melbourne at 7 am. After we clear immigration we will be going on a tour called “In The Wild! Kangaroos & Koalas”. The temperature is supposed to be 104 degrees Fahrenheit and long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended because of the mosquitoes. This could be an interesting tour. Didn’t take any pictures yesterday, but hopefully will get some great ones today if the perspiration & mosquitoes don’t cloud the camera lens.  


 “Imagination is a poor substitute for experience.” – Havelock Ellis



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