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Day 14 – Second Sea Day

 G'Day Mate How You Going?


     This is our third day crossing the Tasman Sea. It really makes you realize just how immense the oceans and seas of the world really are. We have only had one rough night and now it has flattened out. As mentioned before, it can be super rough so glad the Tasman was kind to us.


   Went to a digeridoo lesson yesterday; and I learned, but already knew, that wind instruments and I don’t get along.  I am going to try to look for one to purchase anyway when we are in Australia. The smaller ones are supposedly harder to play but bringing back a six foot log just doesn’t seem practical.

    One thing I did learn, that I will definitely share with my piano students, comes from one of the stories our resident Aborigine, Dhinawan, told us.  From a very young age, he always wanted to play a didgeridoo, but was told by his Aborigine teachers that he could not play until he listened to the sounds around him and how the didgeridoo could mimic those sounds. He was told he had to listen very carefully.  After seven years, yes, seven years, he was allowed to play. His teacher told him, “You have listened very carefully!”



    Also played bingo yesterday and was one number away from $15,000.  Too bad!

    Last night we ate at another specialty restaurant called the Canaletto which is Italian. It has a unique concept that you share the dishes served. It was very good and lots of fun. After that we went to the piano bar with Michael Sara. He is a Los Vegas performer and really fantastic. We have closed the place the last two nights. This is a picture of the Culinary Arts center on the ship.



“Certainly travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miram Beard


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