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Day 2 – A couple of days later (Wednesday in New Zealand)

 G'Day Mate How You Going?

   In case anyone had doubt, Australia is not right next door to Florida. It is a long long way from home. In fact, it is sort of silly writing what day it is on our heading. Here is how confusing trying to figure out what day it is, when we return we will actually land six hours before, time wise, we take off. So just know the day heading is a way for me to keep straight the order I am writing the blogs.

   Our flights were all on time and thank heavens Tom booked us lay flat seats on the longest leg of our trip. I think it was something like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning according to our body clock when we ate dinner on that flight, but we didn’t know when the next service of food was coming so we ate.  I fell immediately to sleep afterwards and did manage to sleep pretty well. When I woke up and asked the steward how much longer, she said,” Oh we have eight more hours to go!”  You don’t want to know my next thoughts. But, it is all good because we arrived safely!



   As everyone knows, Tom has to find me water, or I am not a happy camper.  So, while waiting for our tour to start this afternoon, we walked around town in search of water.  We found it (good),  but also found that the streets are definitely not flat.  Good thing we walk at home as much as we do. In the photo, you can see the Sky Tower behind me, where we have dinner reservations on the top in the revolving restaurant.

  We will be touring Auckland today on our first Holland America pre tour day.  

 “Every step of the journey is the journey.” Zen Saying

Hooroo, (Australian for Goodbye)

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