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This post is being started on the airplane from Cairo to Luxor. It was sure easier leaving Cairo than Tel Aviv. When we got to the airport for our Egyptian Air Flight to Luxor, we had to run our baggage through a screening belt, walk through a metal detector and then down to the gate. No computers out of the bag or shoes off. I guess they figure that they are trying to blow us up, we are not trying to blow them up, so we are safe to fly on Egyptian Air. Cairo is an amazing city displaying everything from the extremely decadent to extremely poor neighborhoods with goats running in the streets in the middle of town. Not high on my places to live but extremely glad that we had the opportunity to see it. The hotel was in the extremely decadent area and we will be staying there two more nights at the end.

Well, if you ever want to feel sorry for yourself, walk down the dirt market street of Luxor. We went for a carriage ride through the market and glad we were not walking. I did not see one tourist except our group tramping through with nine carriages. The people didn't look overjoyed at our arrival. They must remember, however, that tourism is the # one industry in all of Egypt. We have several photos of the market street because words alone would be hard to describe the poverty, and some of these have just been posted. Donkeys are used as beast of burdens and that is what they are. I saw one poor donkey with a load of wood that could barely be moved. Chickens and pigeons held in dusty cages; fish in baskets sitting in the dust who knows how long, hanging hunks of lamb and beef lined the streets. I guess that is one way to age beef. Bread venders walked with bread on their heads. The only thing that looked good was the myriad of different vegetables and we can’t eat those. If it isn’t cooked we don’t eat it. So tell all of the people and animals back home what a good life they live. Also, in case you were wondering, I won’t be moving to Luxor.

We will not be able to balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings tomorrow due to security reasons. They feel it is just too dangerous. The current wind conditions aim the balloon right to the airport with planes taking off and landing. Probably not good to mix balloons and airplanes. But certainly a disappointment.

We have Internet but it is extremely slow and extremely expensive, so we won't be posting as many photos until we hit a better location. Thanks for all your emails. Nice to hear from everyone, but the ship makes it difficult to write individual mail. We still love to hear from you so keep the mail coming. One thing that was really nice in Israel was that the Internet was free.

This will be a short email because we are leaving for the airport at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. This is not a vacation for relaxing. We are headed for Luxor to take a river boat down the Nile. We hope they have internet access. Love to all back home, Holly