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Day 3 March 5, 2015 – Barbados

Wanted all of you to know that personal emails may not be possible after this morning; as we will have to pay for each minute we are on the internet once we are on the ship. We will be able read your emails and probably answer important questions, but we won’t know until we are actually on the ship. Each trip proves different internet challenges for Tom. We will probably be able to send our daily log and hopefully be able to post pictures on our web page.

    Well last night was another first for us. On the way from the airport, as Tom said our taxi driver was just full of info. Couldn’t stop giving it out! Mainly, he was explaining why he was charging us more than the written taxi fare trip from the airport to the hotel. So we asked if it was safe to walk from the hotel to the restaurant, Lobsters Alive, where we had made reservations. We learned about Lobster’s Alive from a book Dad’s care giver, who is from Barbados, had given us. Tom and I both love Spiny Lobsters, and to get them fresh was a rare treat. In Florida, one can only find them frozen, unless you go diving yourself. Even then I understand keeping them alive is difficult.

   Anyway the taxi driver told us, “Oh it is safe just do this if someone looks threatening.” The ‘this’ was to hold up two fingers like you were going to poke the person in the eyes. He proceeded, “Just put your wife between you and the person.” So we took a taxi to the restaurant. We learned later, we could have easily walked along the ocean, so maybe next time we will walk. At the restaurant we sat on the beach. The breeze and weather were divine. What an evening and the lobster was as delicious as we perceived it would be. Tom ate a pound and three quarter and I had a pound and a fourth. Yum!!! We are being picked up from the Hilton at 3:30 today to board the Sea Cloud.

            We are now on the Sea Cloud sailing out of port and it is going to take two or three e-mails to describe how unbelievably fantastic this ship is. We can actually feel the ghost of Marjorie Merriweather Post sailing with us. The fixtures in the bathroom are really gold and we have a his and hers walk in closets.


“Every step of the journey is the journey.” Zen Saying

More to follow from the Sea Cloud

Tom & Holly