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Day 10- Portland

    Yesterday was the first day we really spent time cruising on the river. What a perfect day for it. Not a cloud in the sky and Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood majestically rose above the tree line. After breakfast our crew greeted us with more food of the local area. My favorite was the smoked salmon. Yum!

    In the afternoon, we were supposed to take a city tour of Portland. However, because of the riots the day before and the fact they are getting ready for their annual rose festival, the streets were all cluttered with litter and the police had barricades around the city.  So instead we went to the Vista House which is a lookout station at the start of the Columbia Gorge. Beautiful and the weather was perfect. They tell us that the wind blows so hard there that it can blow your hair right off of your head. No one paints a picture of good weather here.

    Cindy our bus driver was on today.  She told us that the kids up here practice volcanic eruptions drills. She wasn’t sure exactly what that was so I will be looking it up. I will tell you however that I think I will take hurricanes over volcanoes any day. Today we are renting a car and driving back to Astoria until Saturday when we fly home.


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