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Day 7 Amazon Voyage; Thursday - Feb. 14, 2008

     We started our 6:00 a.m. boat ride down the Tapiche River. After breakfast, we were ready for our Monte Simai jungle walk. I am talking jungle. The mosquitoes were certainly present, but I have seen worse. My Avon bug spray works just fine. Deet is wicked stuff and has actually eaten the top of Tom’s hat. They tell you not to let any of it touch your binoculars or camera lenses as it can etch glass. I thought only diamonds cut glass.  After the first day, we just used the Avon. We carry it with us. We are talking jungle with ups and downs, fallen trees, and holes of various sizes. This was the first time we were required to wear the “gators” that were in our rooms. These are leather wraps that go around our ankles and thighs to protect us from snake bites. Dianne would have died seeing what Dad walked through. However, with the help of fellow passengers, two walking sticks, and our wonderful guides, he made it just fine. How many other people at 87 can walk through the jungle? We must look like aliens to the village people. They are all wearing shorts, t-shits, or no tops and running around barefoot while we have on long pants tucked into our socks to prevent chiggers and long sleeve shirts and hats and clicking cameras like Japanese tourist. A real sight to behold!

     Before our jungle walk, we talked with the family who were the care takers of the land. There was a grandfather, mother, father and five children, one of which was a baby. The village people do not pay taxes, but are considered care takers of the land. They do not own the land or the house where they live. They raise chickens but not to eat the chickens, but raise them to sell.

     After lunch, we went to a village called Nueva Reforma Village, on Yarina Lake, to buy village items and ride in a dug out canoes. Tom was going to canoe, but it started to rain so video would be difficult, so he didn’t go. Dad thought he would give it a try, but I talked him out of it. I am really glad I did because one of the people who gave it a try said that the canoe was extremely tippy. I bought a rattle that I can use in Kindermusik and Dad bought a carved piranha and dug out canoe.

      There was a Catholic church and the people, about 200 hundred of them, go to church every day. Men and boys must wear long pants and women must were dresses.  You have mud everywhere from the rain and these girls running around in dresses. Not my idea of what to wear.

      Back to the boat for music on the top deck and dinner. I was so tired. They really keep you busy.   

More to follow,

Tom & Holly