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Africa is an amazing place and one I would love to come back to someday. No two trips would be the same, but there are so many other places to see before we start repeating trips. Anyone contemplating coming to Africa, it is an adventure you shouldn’t miss, provided you don’t mind getting dusty and dirty, riding on rough unpaved roads, and living in third world conditions, but as our guides used to say when things didn’t go exactly right “TIA” (This is Africa), “Hakuna Matata”. It is astounding how close we got to all of the animals, in fact so close that in many cases we could have touched them, although that is strictly prohibited and my run in with the Kenya Police taught me to follow the rules.

Now that this African Adventure is over it is time to start finalizing plans for our next trip booked for March 2011. It is always nice to have a trip to look forward to. One night over drinks Holly tells me she knew a family that went and observed the Gray Whale migration off of Baja and it became a “life changing” experience for their son who is now studying to be a Marine Biologist. Well I am always up for a “life changing” experience, after all I married Holly and if that wasn’t a “life changing” experience nothing is. So I started researching ways to observe the Gray Whale Migration off of Baja and found a small, 152 foot, National Geographic Expedition Ship that has eight day trips to observe the gray whales migration from Alaska to Baja, where they breed, give birth and nurture their young. The ship has zodiacs aboard that allow you to get up close and personal with the whales and their calves. This trip probably won’t be as exciting as our previous trip to Antarctica, but it sure will be a lot warmer. Part of this adventure also includes snorkeling and swimming with sea lions. We will fly to Los Angeles, spend the night and then fly to La Paz Mexico where we board the ship on 5 March. Should be an educational plus fun and relaxing trip and I am always looking forward to another “life changing” experience.

“As you grow older, you’ll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.”  – Zachary Scott

Until then-

Kwa heri

No more to follow on our African Adventure

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